Sponsor Opportunities

Life’s Changing Events expos have entered into the consumer education arena to provide parents with access to answers, services and products in a fun and entertaining atmosphere that can help them in raising their child. The opportunity to network all under one roof is the main reason for our event.

Life’s Changing Events consumer events are the place to find the latest and greatest baby and toddler products. Moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers will all benefit from the “one-stop-shop” of products, information and services — from planning a pregnancy through raising a toddler or preschooler. Life’s Changing Events is expected to grow rapidly throughout Michigan and so are the opportunities for companies to expand their reach into key markets of Michigan where even in these hard economic times, substantial amounts of money are still being spent by expectant parents and grandparents. The baby market is here to stay!

Companies looking to expand their reach to consumers in this market may participate with Life’s Changing Events Baby and Toddler events as a Sponsor. Sponsors may consider our event to have a presence at the event and to maximize their company’s brand and reach throughout the year. Sponsors with Life’s Changing Events events are marketing partners engaged with a strong and growing community driven company throughout the duration of the year, both at the Baby and Toddler Expo, and through the Life’s Changing Events community that we will be sponsoring online in-between events through our BFF Moms Connect Newsletter, social networks and blogs.

Life’s Changing Events “Tummy to Toddler” Expo is THE Michigan event to connect your products with consumers. Life’s Changing Events is committed to keeping today’s moms connected with the latest parenting trends.

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